“How does the price compare to scheduled air fares?”

Dependent on the number of passengers, the price of chartering can compare very favorably with scheduled air fares. In addition, the flexibility to choose your departure and arrival airport, departure and return times, and routes with stop-overs to suit your own needs, can mean considerable savings in both time and money.

“How safe and secure is it?”

Charter operators have enviable safety records. Their aircraft and crew must reach and maintain at least the same high standards as scheduled airlines. Apart from the crew, the only people on the flight will be those that you invite or authorize, and no other luggage or baggage will be carried. Your personal security and privacy can also be enhanced by using smaller, and less congested airports, and the charter operators must carry at least the same level of insurance as the scheduled airlines.

“What aircraft types do you have?”

We do not own aircraft, we broker aircraft owned by operators. As airbrokers, we offer all kinds of aircraft types for all kinds of flights. Small or large. We are completely independent and have no financial ties to any airline. This guarantees unbiased quotations to the client.


“What safety standards do the airlines have?”

The airlines fulfill at least the requirements for safety set forth by the Civil Aviation Authorities, CAA and DOT Canada although most airlines have their own, harder safety regulations.


“What is applicable as to insurance?”

All commercial airlines have, and must have, insurance coverage according to government regulations. However, it is always advisable to have individual travel insurance as on any other trip.


“When is it a “good deal” to charter?”

A hard question to answer in few words. There are many parameters one has to take into account, not only the actual price for the flight.
For instance:

  • Timesaving; when chartering you decide the schedule.
  • Saved hotel costs.
  • Saved per diem costs.
  • Large groups are hard to fit on scheduled flights, a charter can carry them all.

Every request is handled individually, and the conditions of each request are taken into consideration.


“Are tickets needed?”

Almost never. When chartering a smaller aircraft we only need the passenger details a couple of days prior to departure. When chartering a large aircraft, some airlines require individual tickets or a group ticket, but most airlines require only a passenger manifest.


“Can one change schedule after a booking has been made?”

Yes! Flexibility is a key word, especially when chartering smaller business aircraft.


“Are all quotations free of charge?”

Yes! A quotation from us is always free of charge!


“Could we charter an aircraft abroad?”

Yes! We work globally, and through our vast network of contacts we can offer chartered aircraft all over the world.