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    You will find aircraft charters also offer Security, Safety, Flexibility and Convenience. With your own charter jet you spend less time on the road which results in fewer overnights lost to travel. Private jet charters mean more sales calls, more time to manage your business and ultimately more time to spend with your family.

    Executive jet charters are growing more popular

    Executive jets are quickly becoming the preferred option for an increasing number of business travelers. Seasoned charter travelers already know the value of a charter jet. Drive your car up to the charter aircraft or park (free) within a few steps. Be prepared to enjoy a more pleasant and service- oriented experience on any of our private air charters for the same or, sometimes, even less cost.

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    • Some of the aircraft types we offer our clients are Global Express, Falcon, Citation, Light Jets, Medium Jets, Heavy Jets, VLJs, Turbo Props, Gulfstream (all models)
    • Some of the cities we charter from and into, within Canada, are Montreal, Toronto (Pearson, Buttonville and City Centre), Oshawa, Halifax, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Moncton, St Johns, Charlottetown, Saskatoon, Kamloops.
    • We also specialize in Private Jets, Business Jets, Private Jet Rentals, Charter Flights, Charter Travel and Prepaid Charter Block Hours.

    We are now accepting requests for one-way charters, please submit routing, dates and number of passengers by e-mail


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