Air Ambulance Services

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Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance Services
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In the case of a medical emergency and depending on certain time constraints , individuals who do not have medical insurance can be at the mercy of an air ambulance service located far away from home. The price for such a service can be very high, most times payment in advance, in the local currency,  is required and possible additional repatriation expenses can occur for various reasons. We offer the co-ordination of an air ambulance service if necessary. We keep in touch with the carrier and medical team during the rescue, and where possible, with the patient. We are then in a position to keep the family informed on a regular basis, as to the patient’s condition with the time of departure and arrival of the aircraft . Fees are usually payable in Canadian funds.

We normally use air ambulance jets specially configured with all the necessary equipment depending on the condition of the patient and also offer ” bedside to bedside ” ground ambulance services with aircraft coordination.

With a sufficient notice , the coordinators of our air ambulances can provide a safe transfer of patients who have been exposed to hazardous substances, that are victims of injuries or of highly contagious diseases. We offer other specialized transportation, including services for patients with intra -aortic pumps. These aircraft can also be equipped and available for quick recovery of organs . Contact us, we are available 24 hours a day for on-call services .

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