Very Light Jets and Light Jets 

VLJ’s / Light Jets

Very-Light-Jets-and-Light-Jets Origianal

Very Light Jets are intended to have lower operating cost than conventional jets, and to be able to operate from runways as short as 3,000 feet (914m) either for personal use or point-to-point air taxi service, typically used by passengers looking to go relatively short distances of 300-500 miles (40-80 minute duration)

The light Jets also designed to access small airports,are a staple of the private jet industry with a larger cabins than VLJs and a larger cargo/weight capacity, Light jets are an industry standard for short to mid-range trips and comfortable flights. Aircraft capacity ranging from 4 to 7 passengers – Private Jet Charters –
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Most Popular

Phenom 100


Phenom 100
Honda Jet
Citation Mustang

Light Jets

Dassault Falcon 10 / 20
Lear Jet 31 / 31A / 35
Citation I / II
Citation Bravo
Hawker 400 XP

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Very-Light-Jets-and-Light-Jets Origianal

Average Hourly Rental Costs in North America

  • Very Light Jets (VLJ’s)                            $2,000/hr up to $2,350/hr USD
  •  Light Jets                                                $2,200/hr up to $2,850/hr USD
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