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    Larry Libman June 25, 2004 Gazette photo

    Ever receive a request from a client needing a private aircraft charter for a two day business trip,  a group, air ambulance, or to fly to a destination that isn’t served by a commercial carrier? What if the departure isn’t from your home city? Well that’s where we come in, all you have to do is contact us toll free 866-844-2324 or complete the online form and go on with your regular work. We’ll take it from there and have a quote or quotes for you usually the same day. All you have to do is add your markup and forward it on to your client. In most cases there isn’t a charge for payment using your company credit card and in certain cases we will offer a discount for payment by Company cheque or bank wire transfer.

    In 1958 Larry Libman moved from Miami Beach to Montreal and subsequently founded Libman Travel Agency (bilingualism wasn’t required in those days). He started with one part time commission agent and at that time a simple handshake with a new corporate account contact meant you had that account the very next day. Communications were done by mail or phone and even fax hadn’t been invented yet.

    It wasn’t until 1987 that Libman Travel Agency received their first Air Canada computer. The rest, as they say, is history. In 2001 he sold the company, with a staff of 35 and sales of $15,000,000, and opened Corporate Aircraft Charters / Nolisement d’avions Corporatif.

    If anyone knows what the average travel agent is up against today he surely does and that’s why he makes sure that every travel agent’s request is handled quickly and efficiently and he, and his staff, are always willing to offer a helping hand to those who have no idea how to book an aircraft charter.

    Price isn’t always the determining factor especially if things go wrong. Who will be there for you knowing you have to face a very upset client, perhaps one of your top ones, having been there himself on more than one occasion.

    Let Corporate Aircraft Charters be your “go to guys for anything that flies”

    We appreciate your business and, by the way, we also hold a Travel Agent’s permit for the Province of Quebec so your client is fully protected, no matter where he resides, against supplier bankruptcy. 

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